Reliable, fun, affordable...
Our objective is to provide you with reliable, fun and affordable motorcycles. To do this we have to make you aware of some basic rules.
Keeping us out of trouble...
To keep us both out of trouble and the insurance people happy, we need you to have a certain amount of riding experience. We cannot judge your individual skill and experience without knowing you but we have set the minimum age for the rider at 23. You must also have had a suitable driver's licence for at least 5 years when hiring a bike from us. If you have had a suitable driver's licence for less than 5 years, we have to increase your deposit/excess. You may also be required to present a valid international driver's licence to police if you do not have a South African one.
Come back smiling...
After your trip we want to see you back in one piece with a smile on your face after a great experience. We also want to see the bike back in good condition and with a smile on its face. No one can guarantee all will go smoothly so there are a number of things to ensure that possible damage to yourself or the bike and other equipment hired from us is covered and there are no financial worries.

Repair of damage to the bike, equipment and third party is taken care of by insurance and the excess covered by your holding deposit that we reserve on your credit card at the beginning of the hire period. It is however essential to arrange sufficient medical and personal insurance cover in South Africa for yourself and your pillion with your holiday insurance. Medical cover should preferably be for private hospital care.

If you and the bike should be involved in an accident you need to report it to police and obtain a case number. Without a case number you cannot claim from insurance and you would be fully liable for any damage to the bike and possibly for third party claims.

The bikes are covered by BMW or AA roadside assistance so if something should go wrong with the bike, they will get you to the next workshop and we will do our best to have you back on the road as soon as possible. We can however not take responsibility for delays in your journey nor can we guarantee your mobility.

You are fully responsible for the bike whilst it is in your possession so to get the maximum enjoyment out of it during your trip, please treat it as it is your own. Check oil, water brake fluid and tyres at every tank stop and top up if necessary. Lubricate the chain daily.

If we have to recover a bike that has been abandoned for any reason whatsoever, this will be your liability as will the daily rental charge until we have the bike back. The insurance does not cover such repatriation.

No cheating...
The rates are quoted in South African Rand and apply to you taking the motorbike over at our premises with a full tank of petrol and you bringing it back with a full tank.

If we have to refuel the bike, charges for a full tank of petrol will be added.
Should we find the odometer has been tampered with we will charge the maximum mileage per day hire period.

Traffic fines are for your account and we will charge any fine that we may have to pay on your behalf to your credit card.
Our motorcycles must not leave the borders of the Western Cape Province unless it has been arranged with us in advance. Special conditions may apply.

Bikes are hired out for full days only so if you book the bike on a specific day it is yours for the whole day and no discounts for late pick up or early return apply.
Bikes should be picked up and returned during shop opening hours but we will try and accommodate you outside these hours if arranged with us in advance.

South Africa has a large variety of un-tarred roads which you and the bike may enjoy provided they are primary roads (as per MAP STUDIO Road Atlas) enjoy but we do not allow off-road riding.
Paying the price...
We only accept MasterCard/EuroCard and VISA as the deposit. You can pay the rental payment in cash, electronic bank transfer, MasterCard/EuroCard and VISA

When booking with us you agree to these terms and conditions.

Here's the summary:
  • You must be 23 or older
  • You must have had a suitable driver's licence for 5 years for our standard terms
  • You must pay an additional deposit/excess if you have had a suitable drivers license for less than 5 years 
  • You should arrange medical insurance as part of your visit (if non South African)
  • You must report any accidents to police and obtain a case number
  • You must have a MasterCard/EuroCard or VISA card
  • You must speak to us before doing anything out of the ordinary - we will always try to help
  • Bikes are hired out for full days only
  • Bikes must not be used for off-road riding



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